What is a life-steal server? Life-steal is a simple Minecraft server where if you kill somebody, they lose a heart and you receive one ( you steal their heart ), there are only 4 ways you can get money on this server, you can kill someone to get 10% of their money, you can buy money at our store, every 1 hour you play you will receive 1000$ and lastly, if you sell something in /ah and someone buys it, you will receive the money

How do get more hearts? There are only 4 ways to get hearts, you can buy them from our store, you can craft them using this recipe: click me, you can kill players and steal their hearts and lastly, buy them in /ah

What happens if you lose all hearts? You will get banned for 1 month and when you get unbanned, you will start with only 3 hearts, alternatively, you can go to our store and purchase a unban or more hearts.

If you want to buy anything from the store with other payment methods such as PayPal, stripe, etc, please create a ticket in our discord server